Put the Zig Back In Your Zag

After many years of working with large corporations, Algorithm’s focuses on actionable & eminent insights, presented by qualified technical staff, without the characteristic organisation fuzz.

We put the Zig back in your Zag providing you with massive agency skills with excellent consultant level services to get the work done with the right attitude. You can trust our consultants with any type of questions when in need of advice. They have been around and have gotten a T-shirt for it – turn to Algorithm.

Keep your overheads low making the fuzz nonexistent and deal with a personalised person when working your account. This presents you with apparent communication, exceptional services, and more in your marketing budget that actually goes towards your marketing, rather than paying for overstuffed overhead costs.

Our Slogan

We provide key values to everything we do, as this is our slogan – quality.

We prefer Data to Opinions

Digital marketing presents you with a wealth of data available at your fingertips. These include cart abandonment, conversion rates, and search volumes to name a few. Data presents you with an artwork of what is happening in your business and how you can improve it.

This is what dictates our course of action, rather than relying only on human being emotions.

Honesty is Fundamental

From sales to daily work and communication with our clients, honesty is fundamental. If we think it is not going to work, we will advise you if it will not work. If it works, great but we are not afraid to walk away if ROI is not present. We are your trusted advisors and not another vendor on your list and honesty is our foundation.

There is no Middle Man

We do not have layers of account managers, technical staff, project managers, or sale staff. We are a team without the whispers and miscommunications between you and the people doing the work. You deal directly with our technical staff that implements strategies and lives & breathes digital marketing.

We Love What We Do

We breathe and live digital marketing and only hire the best staff. We do regular training in SEO, copywriting and performance on a daily basis. Attend conferences and seminars.

When an agencies people love what they do, best results follow.


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